Canaha Bali

“Rain Stopper” Practitioner

Imagine a three-month well planned garden party all of a sudden dissolved by heavy rain. Invited guests scattered around, food soaking wet, and all the fine decorations destroyed by water. Imagine an open-aired professionally prepared musical concert cannot proceed because of water pouring unexpectedly from the dark sky overhead. Assume a special outdoor party for an incentive tour group failed to continue because of rain. All of these situations would cause great pain and disappointment.

In order to avoid such disappointment and pain, inviting a rain stopper or diverter might be a good idea. It might sound senseless, but attempts in stopping unexpected rainfall is one of the oldest traditions in Balinese cultural practices, which can also be found in most societies in Java.

This tradition is still practiced by the Balinese, including me, because of its significance and function, not only within traditional, but also within a modern context, such as tourism activities. These beliefs and practices are not aimed against the will of Mother Nature.

The ritual of rain-stopping or diverting, is not an eye-catching activity because it is performed low key. It is performed by officiating small offerings and burning incense, as well as a plate of fire (pengasepan). All of these aim to produce smoke that on rising up is believed to be able to push clouds away. The movement of the clouds aims at letting the rain fall elsewhere or pour when the rain stopping ritual has ended.

Common to all though, according to our 10 years experience, is the need for strong faith and powerful prayers to supernatural beings. I do not need any special equipment to do my job; praying with a pure heart will lead my way. The wind direction is my main guidance on how to direct unwanted rainfall. All I do is give myself to the Lord, and let Him and the earth work for itself with the help of our pure hearts.

Prediction and God are two different things. What I do is ask my Lord to hear my prayers. Success or failure, I just hope my wishes to come true if it is for the sake of goodness and as long as I am sincere with my intentions. Email me should you need to talk about this service more further.